Aurealis Awards

Blast back to the 90s!


I’m delighted to announce that this year’s ceremony (11 April, University House, 7pm) will be hosted by the wonderfully talented and extremely funny Margo Lanagan!

Because it is the 20th convening of the awards, we’re going on a bit of time trip back to 1995 – the year the very first Aurealis Award nominees and winners were published. The ceremony will include a celebration of those first winners (you can find out who they were on the list of all past nominees and winners, available here).

People usually dress up for the ceremony. This year, I’m encouraging everyone to come as if they were going for a night on the town in 1995. Not sure what to wear? Find ‘Friends’ or ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Mad about You’ (one of them at least is playing on television at the moment) and check it out. Or flick through your photo album, if you’re old enough. I had this fabulous white dress, massive shoulder pads, no waist, detailing in buttons and false pockets. Of course, in 1995 I still had my natural hair colour too…

It’s going to be a fabulously fun night – I hope to see you all there! You can buy tickets now.

Nicole Murphy
Aurealis Awards Convenor