Announcing the 2022 Judging Panels

We are very pleased to welcome our 2022 Aurealis Awards judging panels. We had a massive response to our call out this year, and are delighted to welcome both returning and new panelists to the team. All our judges are volunteers and we are extremely grateful for their hard work and professionalism throughout the process. The Awards would not exist without them!

Judging Coordinator: Tehani Croft, assisted by Joanne Anderton

Horror Novel
Georgina Banfield
J M Merryt
Glenn George
Celia Pearce
Nathan Phillips (Convenor)

Horror Novella
Jake Corvus (Convenor)
Anna Hepworth
Aimee Murphy
Donella Reed
Yunn-Yu (Christine) Sun

Horror Short Story
Caitlin Chisholm (Convenor)
Charmaine Clancy
Roslyn Phillips
Marija Sijakovska
Christine Titheradhe

Anthologies / Collections
Susan Beasley
Emma Cutting
Alannah Pearson
Mark Phillips
Cathie Tasker (Convenor)

Illustrated Work / Graphic Novel
Eugen Bacon (Convenor)
Sarah Custace
Christopher Marcatili
T R Napper
Lucas Palermo

Fantasy Short Story
Paula Boer (Convenor)
Ben Dominish
Natalie Haigh
Cary Lenehan
Allister Smith
Sarah Swarbrick

Fantasy Novella
Olivia Carter
Deb Gates (Convenor)
Raymond Hodgson
Elizabeth Robinson-Griffith
Rebecca Sutherland

Science Fiction Short Story
Dianne De Bellis (Convenor)
Nick Hartland
Amy Laurens
Mark Lingane
Wen Moore
Darren Nash

Science Fiction Novella
Deborah Brown
Paul Cormack
Irene Davy
Alexandra Pierce (Convenor)
Lynda Young

Fantasy Novel
Finn Barz
Elizabeth Fitzgerald (Convenor)
Stephen Hipkiss
Heidi Kneale
Ruth Lawlor

Science Fiction Novel
Lorraine Cormack
Mark Fazackerley (Convenor)
Marian Foster
Jan-Andrew Henderson
Paul Voermans

Children’s Fiction
Miffy Farquharson (Convenor)
Ky Garvey
Emily Meredith
Mia Macrossan
Bron Swasbrick

Young Adult Novel
Bethany Barrass
Jess Drake
Stephanie Gunn (Convenor)
Martha Itzcovitz
Emilie Morscheck

Young Adult Short Story
Debbie Berger
Jess Gately (Convenor)
Melanie Ifield
Samara Lo
Louise Nice

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